Taggart Homes

Taggart Homes has been at the forefront of building quality luxury homes throughout the decades. With high quality finish, interior design excellence and carefully chosen accessories the Taggart Homes finish has been universally admired.

While Taggarts continue to build dream homes for their customers in developments throughout Ireland and the UK they now offer homeowners the opportunity to create their own luxury show home.

Introducing Taggart Products an opportunity for you the customer to finish your home to a Taggart Home standard by purchasing interior doors, four panel London moulded door, door handles, architraves , Tiles, skirting , light fittings and other products to finish your DIY or home redesign project to the highest standards.

Now more than ever before we are using our homes as an oasis to live , work and stay safe and we want each room to portray our style and creative designs, Taggart Products offer you this opportunity.

 Our team of Taggart Homes designers have chosen our products with you in mind and if you are planning a design, redesign or DIY project we are here to help and offer you our expertise and knowledge.  We are also happy to work off your house plans and coordinate with your home builder/developer to include luxury quality Taggart Products throughout in your finish.

By handpicking all of our products in-house, our team has increased and expanded our selection of organic, handcrafted, sustainably sourced products. There's a story behind everything we sell - from the artisan who crafts it to the individual who uses it! 

Our mission continues to focus on our planet and minimizing our impact through artisans and artists that follow our same values.