Bullnose Window Boards

Manufactured from hi-spec moisture-resistant MDF, our window sill boards are both durable and elegant.

Commonly referred to as internal window sills, window boards are premium MDF surfaces found at the bottom of a window. Although they are typically used to cover the gap between the front wall and the window, they can also divert condensation away from the glazing. In most households, window boards also serve as shelving units for picture frames, ornaments, and plants.

  • MDF window boards are much easier to work with than real wood. As a man-made product, there are no natural imperfections to contend with so you are left with a perfectly smooth finish every time. 
  • The material we use is an industrial grade, moisture resistant MDF. This is the best quality MDF available and ensures our window boards are highly durable and will last over time.
  • Our Bullnose Window Board is made from premium grade, moisture resistant MDF materials and is perfect for any modern home. 
  • We have matching skirting and architrave to match so be sure to browse our complete range



  • All of our Primed MDF Windowboards are moisture resistant, offering versatility to use in many rooms throughout the home
  • Unlike the wooden equivalent, MDF is resistant to warping and swelling
  • The bullnose edged board finishes off your window